Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Perfect Day

1. We spent the entire day at the National Gallery of Art. Seven hours and it still wasn't enough...
Like music, art has the ability to overwhelm us with emotion, illicit goosebumps, and bring tears of joy. Tess and I each had our moments when we were rendered speechless by the absolute beauty of certain paintings.
1.a. On a lighter note, here is Domenichino's Expulsion of Adam and Eve where I imagine the dialogue to go something like this:
Adam: But seriously God. It's all her fault. You can see she made me do it.
Eve: Nuh uh! It was the snake.

Blame shifting in its earliest beginnings.

2. B. recommend we dine at Fogo De Chao and we're so glad we did! The entire experience was fun and delicious. I finished my meal with chocolate coffee- coffee with Kalhua and Godiva chocolate, topped with whipped cream and served in a pretty glass mug.
3. We took our time to walk the few blocks back to our hotel. The night life, interesting buildings, and  warm summer weather made it a pleasure to be outside.


  1. The National Gallery of Art is my favorite place in the world. Make sure you take the stairs so you can see Salvador Dali's Last Supper. I found it quite by accident - astounding.

    1. We found it Lynn! It's tucked off in a little vestibule down an elevator corridor. We thought, what?!

  2. Lol, perfect caption for that piece!

  3. I think one of my favorite things about that painting is the sheep.