Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Big Wide World, Unwelcome Guests, The Gas Can Was Case

1. I watched the young mockingbird make its first venture out of the nest. He sat on the back steps  looking excited and confused. His mother enticed him away with bugs. She flew up to him and showed him the bug but wouldn't give it to him until he came a little farther out. Brilliant mother! The downy feathers on his head make me smile.
2. The bad news: We haven't even finished our raised bed garden and the deer have found it.
The good news: Steve went into immediate action and rigged a motion sensor light and radio that blasts white noise and flashing lights upon detection of the slightest movement. Ha,ha! It's so engineer-minded. On a more practical note, he also put up some chicken wire caging. (This was more along my way of thinking.)
3. The wind was not as bad as was predicted and we got off with some severe thunder storms, but no straight line winds. Once the storms cleared, the air temperature was refreshingly cooler.


  1. I was in Daleville when the storm hit; lots of hail and the wind was so bad I had to pull over and wait it out. We lost a number of trees on the farm, but it could have been worse.

  2. My power was out from about 8:30pm until 2am (when I woke to hear the AC blessedly running and the bedroom light on.) :)

    Love that mother's brilliance!

    And my sis and her husband did the same thing with the chicken wire and it works.

  3. a friend of mine is an avid gardener, this is her method of keeping the deer away,

    1 cup milk..2 eggs...few drops of soap (helps it go on smoothly) and 3 gallon of water...blend the milk and eggs and to sprayer with the water

  4. Glad to see the first baby mockingbird pic. We have never had a problem with deer or even rabbits invading our veggie gardens, which we thought was unusual as there are both in the area. We fenced our first small garden, but larger ones were left "as is" and untouched as well. Glad you did not receive any damages from the storms, we hope to have fared well too, but are on a family road trip and currently in RI.

  5. I found your bog via Susan, and I like it - so I'll follow. It is a great way to look at all the beautiful things that happen on a day carefully - then we see how many blessings we get. Britta