Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sticks and Stones, Improvisation, Natural Air Conditioning

1. The second graders divide themselves between two tables for lunch. Most of the kids sit at one table and five boys sit at the other. It's pretty much been that way every day and yes, those five can be a hand full. One of the five called me over today and said, "Ms. Lee, they said we're the trash table." Wow. I stopped dead in my tracks. I took a seat at the table with the boys and said, "There's no way this is the trash table. I'm sitting here and I do not sit at trash tables. I only sit at cool tables, so this has to be a cool table. Plus, I don't see any trash at this table, I only see 'cool' ". The boys smiled at each other and sat up a little straighter. "Now tell me what you're good at", I said. "I'm good at math", said one. "I'm good at science", said another, "And soccer!", added a third. "You guys are so cool! You're good at so many things!", I said as I got up to get back to work. Trash...seriously. Be kind to each other, people!
2. There's a wooden horse near the front steps at the theater at Hollins University. it's about the size of a small pony and painted like an old fashioned carousel horse. When we walked by it today, we saw a bird land on it's face and disappear. As we got closer, we saw a hole in the horse's face and a bluebird family was making a home there.
3. The evening air has turned gently cool after a very hot day. With several windows open to catch cross breezes, the house turns fresh and cool and comfortable.


  1. Good for you for bolstering self esteem. One of my friends reported on facebook recently that she had never been more proud of her daughter (who is 12 or 13) when she chatted with a boy Emma is in band with and he said, "Emma is so nice. No one would let me be in their group, but Emma did." Loved that. And the daughter had never mentioned that.

    LOVE that the bluebirds chose that spot!