Friday, May 31, 2013

Into the Deep, Playing Hooky, Little Lights

1. Slowly, slowly an enormous turtle makes it way across the road. It rests for a moment in light dappled shadow. It's shell is the color of mud and moss. It looks like an army helmet, ancient and battle-worn, discarded on the road. It inches its way back to the deep, dark prehistoric places of woods and water.
2. I have the day off, so I sign Tess out of school early and we drive downtown to do a little shopping. We do this so rarely that walking on the city sidewalks makes us feel like we're away on a vacation somewhere. We, "Ooh" and "Ahh" over the fun clothes at La De Da and Tess comes away with a unique and fun outfit for her piano recital this weekend.
2a. A lady has just been to the farmer's market across the square and she shops with a potted plant in her arms. She says this is the best way to spend an afternoon- with plants and pretty clothes. I agree.
3. Fireflies in the fields! Lots and lots of them! I'll need to teach Mari and Jack the poem when they come to visit this month.

by Elizabeth Madox Roberts:

A little light is going by,
Is going up to see the sky,
A little light with wings.
I never could have thought of it,
To have a little bug all lit
    And made to go on wings.    


  1. love spontaneous moments with family~
    are you working full time or part time? sounds like you're enjoying it either way

  2. Sounds like you and tess had a good outing and those unexpected shopping trips are the most fun too.

  3. What a wonderful outing you and Tess had. Lovely that you did that.