Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Changing It Up, Wishing They Would Stay, Dumplings

1. "Bonjour!", I said to the first grade table. "Let's all speak French today! Parlez vous Francais?"
One little boy looked at me with mouth agape and promptly fell off the back of his seat. After some giggles and another, "Bonjour!", their high little voices answered back in unison, "Bonjour!"
2. I can't breathe in enough Lilac scent to save up for even a minute. Why, oh why can't we store it up in our noses to last throughout a day? The blooms are beginning to fade and I'll have to wait an entire year to breathe this heavenly scent again. I suppose this is what makes it so special.
3. The lunch ladies gave me a bowl of delicious chicken and dumplings they had left over. It was more of that good kind of comfort food and it revitalized me for afternoon errands. I was surprised to learn they made the dumplings from scratch.


  1. Bonjour!

    Lilacs remind me so much of Virginia; my sister lives in the northern part of that state, and her neighbors had beautiful lilac. THe scent was heavenly.

  2. Bonjour! I will say that to my coworkers this morning. You are so much fun, Leonora.

    And they serve from scratch Chicken and Dumplings at that school??? Awesome place.

    This is kind of bad - I can't think what lilacs smell like. There must not be many of those around here.

      They may be past bloom in GA. If so, I'll remind you next year : )