Friday, May 10, 2013

As Close As I'll Come to Famous, The Next Project, Timber Ridge Road

1. Do you remember in second grade when you would ask everyone, including the lunch lady, to autograph your yearbook? That still happens : )
2. Neighbor W. delivered our landscape timbers today! We're converting the vegetable garden to raised beds and these untreated railroad ties were a pretty good deal. I'm most excited about tidying up our weedy garden and getting it all under control. The project will take a couple of weeks, since it's raining again, but I'm photographing before and after to see how we come along.
3. An eerie fog lies on the back roads following a nighttime thunder storm. Our headlights probe ahead as our car slices through the mist, sending it fluttering aside as we coast along. I lock the doors and tell Tess it's in case aliens try to abduct us. But, all we see is a cute, little mouse scurrying across the road and plenty of tiny frogs.

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