Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Sunday Drive

We drove through Floyd, VA, onto the Blue Ridge Parkway to Rocky Knob and Mabry's Mill. We spread our tablecloth for a picnic on the grass at this pull off. This elevation is 3574 feet. I recall Chelsea telling me they were hiking in the dessert today at over 10,000 feet. I can't imagine!

The sound of the water wheel and the soft clank of the metal gear on wood, over and over in a rhythmic pattern, was a pleasant thing to hear.

The weather was absolutely perfect! Seventy degrees, sunny with no humidity.

Runs and flumes carry the racing water to the wheel. On the left, water pours over the edge as a way to regulate it from being too swift.
Thick moss grows on the wood structures. The combination of shade, water spray and the soothing sound of the water wheel make this an inviting place.

We saw these pretty orange blossomed bushes/trees all around the parkway. I don't know what they are as I haven't seen anything like them around Botetourt. I want to say Azalea or Honeysuckle, but they aren't like the Honeysuckle vines I'm familiar with and the leaves aren't like Azalea. Can anyone tell me?


  1. They look like rhododendron.

    Very nice pictures. The weather was perfect and you guys looked perfect.

  2. Your photos are great! We are all dried and cracked from playing in the "sandbox".

    We drove over some passes at 10,000 feet. The dunes are at 8200'. "Home" at our apartment in Golden is just over 6000'.

    We also want to hear about the new horses. :)

  3. The photos brought back memories of our first time visit to Mabreys Mill last fall. Not sure about the flowers ID, but you obviously had a great day for a drive and picnic too.

  4. Lovely drive - I love that parkway and it's been far too long since I've been on it. You truly live in an enchanted area.

    That does look a bit like rhododendron.