Friday, April 26, 2013

Where Were You around 6 a.m.?, First Harvests, A Quick Visit

1. Reading Lynn's blog, I discover she and I were both outside listening to the birds sing to the setting full moon at the same time this morning!
2. I love the satisfaction of harvesting something fresh from the garden, then carrying it only a few steps into the kitchen for our meal. Tonight the garden yielded fresh asparagus for our dinner and rhubarb for our dessert of strawberry rhubarb pie. (The tiny ingredient that transforms this pie from wonderful to spectacular is a little bit of orange zest in the filling.)
3. Walking across the field to the neighbors' carrying a warm pie wrapped in a dish towel. I baked two pies, one to keep and one to share. Eating one made me very happy and giving one, the same. : )

1 comment:

  1. How wonderful to be the neighbor who received that pie? Lovely of you to do that. And lovely shout out, too. I'm still smiling over you and me being outside looking at the moon at the same time.