Sunday, April 28, 2013

Rock Climbing, Gray Skies, Comfort Food

1. I'm thrilled when I check my daughters' blogs and see they've posted new entries. Because we are far apart, our blogs help us keep up with day to day activities. Today I opened this one. My daughter caught Marian doing this in search of candy:

 2. The rain came as promised, watering in all the new plants I put in yesterday. It felt like a true day of rest with the dim light and hushed sounds of rain.
3. An old-fashioned meal of baked chicken, mashed potatoes, etc. New recipes are fun, but the tried and true meals from our childhood are pure comfort.


  1. Oh my! Was her heart in her throat before she got her down?

    It rained here, too - I loved it. :) And your dinner sounds indeed comforting.

  2. Oh, heavens! What a climber, that one! I'm glad you can stay connected; that really is a blessing of the internet.

    Love childhood meals.