Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Peaceful Slumber, Bananas are Healthy, How Could I Forget?

1. A lone horse stands sleeping under the shade of a tree. It's a peaceful scene, making me wish to find my own shady tree for a nap.
2. I ate a banana split for lunch. I had no self control, but I also had no guilt. I enjoyed every fudgy, melty, nutty, vanilla, creamy bite.
3. Each spring I am ever surprised at how green and lush the world becomes. Winter lasts long enough to accustom my eyes to see only its barrenness. I forget the green world which existed way back in August, almost like forgetting the details of a loved one's face after a long absence. I want to ask spring, "Were you really this beautiful last year? Could I have forgotten?"


  1. What's wrong with a banana split for lunch . . . Isn't that a food group?

  2. Happy to hear your green world is returning~ many more colours to come!

  3. I like that you had a banana split for lunch. :)