Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dealing With It, Clearing the Air, Altering the Course

1. A table full of third grade girls screams in high-pitched squeals because a tiny spider is hanging down near them. I'm charging past on a different mission and can't stop to properly deal with it, so I clap the spider in my hands as I breeze by. (I surprise myself because I would never do this at home- kill a spider with my bare hands. Adrenaline will do crazy stuff.) The stunned silence that follows is comical. The girls stare at me with wide eyes and open mouths like I am some kind of monster. Suddenly, new squeals break out. Squeals of grossed out, third grade girls. I can't win.
2. After dinner, just as we are leaving the house, a heavy rain storm begins. The purple and gray clouds are low and menacing. Several miles down the road, the sky lightens and an vivid rainbow arches to my left.
3. We're supposed to be doing a book study, but we end up chatting instead. We're good at that sort of thing, bending and altering to meet our current needs...or whims.

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  1. "Squeals of grossed out, third grade girls" - lol!