Monday, March 11, 2013

Too Much Beef, Texting, The Guys

1. We're discussing the co-purchase of a calf, to become a cow, to become our food. The problem is, we only have two refrigerator- freezers and no matter how I picture it in my mind, half a cow won't fit into them. I conjure up images of a talking cow trying to climb up into the freezer, arguing with me about the cramped space. Maybe if I ask politely...
2. I have the means (and the coupons) to invite Daughter #3 to meet me at the mall for a little shopping spree. I text this to her and get an unusually prompt reply with exclamation points.
2.a. Daughter #2 texts me at the same time as #3. She found someone to work her shift on Sunday so they can spend the entire day with us. The exclamation points are now flying everywhere!
3. Monday night pool for the guys is still going strong. J. deposits a fresh dozen eggs on my table as he passes through the kitchen each and every week.
3.a. R. passes through with a bottle in a brown paper bag. Steve pulls it out and says to me, "See R.'s hospitality?" I say, "That's very nice hospitality, R." and the smile under his beard is so big, it lights up his eyes.

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