Thursday, March 14, 2013

In From the Blustery Sidewalk, Just What I Was Looking For, Back Again

1. A window table with B. at Bread Craft for coffee and almond croissants. I couldn't resist a loaf of cinnamon bread with icing to take home as a treat for the family's breakfast tomorrow.
2.  As we browsed my favorite shop, I told B. that I was looking for something wooden to put on my plain white coffee table. She gave me a hesitant look and said she had something wooden for me out in her car. Hmm, I can't imagine what it could be. Later, at the car she gave me this beautiful, distressed piece of barn wood her husband cut. She added a bird's nest and egg and enclosed it all in a cellophane bag. I had just bought the glass cloche and it fit perfectly over the nest. My coffee table is plain no more.
3. Back to the oral surgeon, slightly nervous and prone to feeling a bit shaky after this two month ordeal. He recommends another minor surgery (more stitches : ( and then he says, "I won't charge you." I think, "Wow!"Afterward, I sit in the sun-warmed car to let my nerves settle and then happily drive away.


  1. you are an artist!
    I'm not fond of dentists...

  2. All awesome things. But I love the gift from your friend the most. How thoughtful and timely. And it's beautiful. It looks wonderful with the things sitting on it and fits your house.

  3. glad to hear the dental troubles are behind you now