Friday, March 1, 2013

Go To Sleep, A Visitor, The Forest

1. Mari's cry awakens me with a start. A glance at the kitchen clock shows midnight as I shuffle toward the guest room. Everyone has gone to bed with all the lights on. I have the privilege of shushing Mari back to sleep, then I turn off all the lights and tumble back into my warm, down blankets.
2. Sitting in the lobby at the elementary school, a child smiles shyly at me as she walks by.
3. J. has sent this beautiful time lapse video of a forest which I had to watch over and over. I'm especially surprised at how lush and green summer becomes.


  1. Thank you so very very much for the link to the forest video. Perfect mother earth~

  2. What an amazing video. We truly live in a magical place. We just have to take the time to stand still and drink it in. Love and hugs and happy Sunday wishes. xxoo

  3. Love the imagery of the shy smile.