Monday, March 11, 2013

Changes, Meadowlark, An Easier Drive

1. A steady spring rain pattered on the window all night long. By mid-morning the sun broke through, refracting bright light from every glittering surface.

photo from
 2. I saw a bird on the lawn that I have never seen before. Ungainly, large feet and long beak, it's breast was daffodil yellow with a perfect black bib. After consulting the bird book, I learned that it was an Eastern Meadowlark. It says they are fairly common so I don't know why I've never seen one before.

3. It's still daylight when I drive to my 7:00pm meeting. Oh, little pleasures!


  1. All lovely things - rain, the bird and DST. I've never seen a bird like that either. He made a special visit to you.

  2. A new bird for me as well, Lee.We had the same weather this week with lots more of the same forecast over the coming weekend.