Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Perfect Day, Goodies, Peeps on Fire

1. B. arranged a day out for us in Charlottesville. It had been ages since I'd gone out for a day like this. We walked in and out of all the shops, tried on clothes, critiqued the fit for one another, bought chocolates, and had a relaxing lunch in the Mediterranean restaurant. The grand finale was a stop at Trader Joe's, where I had never been before.
2. She recommended the bag of blood oranges, the coffee and lots of other goodies. I found a bottle of wine for $3.29 which I have to try simply for its cheap price. It will never go to waste, even if only for use in my sauce.
2.a. The peeled blood orange reveals a beautiful ombré interior of red, pink, and orange.
2.b. Claire phones while we're at lunch to tell me that Mari is asking to go to Nonni's house. Oh my heart!
3. Steve emails me this photo of chicks on a stick he saw at CVS. He knows I love to roast them : ) The sticks aren't intended for roasting, but he does bring home some regular Peeps for our wood stove fire tonight.


  1. Are you snowed in? My sister near Front Royal is.

    Her granddaughter (who calls her Gaga) is always asking to go to her house, too. Or to see them, "Want to see Gaga Papa!"

    Your day out sounds lovely and I wonder if that is the wine they refer to as Two buck Chuck? Charles Shaw? It's not bad for the price.

  2. Yes! It is Charles Shaw- but it was "Three Buck Chuck" today : )