Sunday, February 10, 2013

Weekend in Raleigh

1. Steve and I had a little getaway to Raleigh to see Claire and her family. I even enjoyed the drive with just the two of us alone. Now that our children are mostly grown, we can have "alone time" whenever we want, yet we seldom do.
2. The grandchildren are a joy to be with. Jonathan (Jack) has a most pleasant personality. He has smiling eyes and adorable little eyebrows. I look at him and wonder about the man he will grow to be.
3. Mari is all about laughter and fun. She is as busy and independent as any two year old can be. She calls her drawings on the window glass her "artwork." I think it's special that her mother hasn't wiped it off. It also adorns the window over the kitchen sink which means she must have climbed in order  to put it there. Too funny! Yes, she's still sporting the fur hat at times : )

4. Claire and Daniel took us to the Kid's Exchange sale at the state fairgrounds. It was a bargain hunter's paradise for anything babies and children. As the photos show, the thing is huge, but it was all very well organized and definitely worth checking out.

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  1. What a lovely weekend, and your grandchildren are so beautiful! No surprise there! xxoo

  2. Jack and Mari are adorable. I think if Jack is anything like you and your family, he'll be a good man indeed.

  3. Oh quelle bon week end! SUPER!! Mignonettes fotos!! ;0)

    Bonne semaine!!

    xxx Maria xxx

  4. Lovely. Grandchildren are so special! I hope your tooth is feeling better these days.

  5. Weekend getaways for 2 are very nice as we well know and longer ones are even better! But, the best of all is combining a getaway with visiting the grandkids as you and Steve did last weekend. Our next getaway and visit will be at Easter.