Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Tooth From Hell, Eating Chocolate and Shopping While on Drugs.

1. Still waging war against infection. The kind Dr. O. thanked me for calling him on a Saturday. I'm simply counting hours and popping pills, numbering the days until I scream UNCLE. (Which I expect will be Wednesday.)
2. We do have a lot of good chocolate in the house and I can chew on one side.
3. Tess and I ran into Chelsea at the mall. After we split up, she texted us to tell us the shoe salesman in Macy's had a very cool Scottish accent. We re-joined her there so we could talk to him, too. He was happy to gab with us and Chelsea and Tess each bought shoes...which was in no way related to his very cool Scottish accent. : )
3.a. Chelsea came back to the house to model her new suit for the job interview she has, which is very far away. We are so happy for our children's success, but Tess and I are still crying at the thought of it. It's too sad to even think about.


  1. I am so sorry you're still having tooth issues. I had hoped it was better.

  2. I just read your last few posts. You have beautiful grandchildren! And what a nice mommy you are to make iced cookies! I'm sorry about the tooth. Nothing's worse than tooth pain. But at least you feel optimistic about eating the chocolate!

  3. Come on Wednesday!

    Do you watch Downton Abbey? There was a man with a lovely Scottish accent in the finale. So lovely that you got to hear that in VA. Makes me also think of the film Love Actually. :)