Sunday, February 24, 2013

Prettier, Doing Their Own Thing, What's It Like?

1. After reading Diane's blog, I poured my dish liquid from the ugly plastic squirt bottle into this pretty Ikea vase. I tried a shaker spout like Diane used, but it was too hard to get the soap out. Just pouring it out works better for me. It really does brighten up my sink area. Just the simplest thing can perk up my entire day. (And make everyone else in the house think I'm nuts.)
2. A black and white, spotted Spaniel with long silky ears trots across a farmyard, nose to the ground. A little beagle follow his footsteps like Follow-the-Leader.
3. My family is scattered today and we keep in touch by phone. New York, Denver, Miami and here in Virginia. The main topic of conversation is a weather comparison. New York and Virginia are similar, but one gets to report 85° from Miami and the other reports a foot of snowfall in Denver!

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  1. I'm with you - I love things like the pretty bottle.