Monday, February 4, 2013

Old Apples, Old Wood, Old Tooth

1. I found a bag of five, slightly shriveled apples in the spare fridge. They're not good enough to eat raw, but too good to throw away. I cooked them into an apple pie which turned out especially good.
1.a. Mondays are her long day with piano lessons directly after school. I brought her a warm slice of pie to eat in the car for the forty mile drive to lessons. That and a carnap gave her a little boost. (We stayed up way too late last night.)
2. I took the back roads through some of the hollows where most people heat with wood stoves. They must all use different kinds of wood because each had it's own unique woodsmoke scent. One in particular smelled old, really old. But it was the good kind of musty, old that I like. It makes me think of very old city houses I've been in with a lot of history soaked into their wood.
3. I was looking forward to my consultation with the endodontist today in order to bring some closure to this ongoing toothache. He told me the solution. It's the one I hoped he wouldn't speak of and the one I dreaded because I've had one before and it's very unpleasant. But I made the appointment to go forward and if I can pull this off again I will be a very brave person indeed.
*This isn't a pleasant and beautiful thing to put in my day, but I want to mention how bad the "before" is so that I can write about how good the "after" is next week, when it's all done.

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  1. I am sorry to hear you are still having tooth issues. I hope this fixes it for you.