Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I Almost Chickened Out, But Didn't

1. The endodontist is a soft spoken, southern gentleman. His quiet drawl has a calming effect.
2. I'm pretty sure his assistant was pregnant, although I'm careful never to ask about that in case I'm wrong. But I figured if anything horrific was going to happen during my procedure, they wouldn't have a pregnant lady in the room. This reasoning made me feel better.
2.a. He thanked her each and every time she handed him something or did something to assist.
3. Once I felt the strands of suture threads draped across my cheek, tickling my nose, I knew he was almost finished. When he said, "All done.", I gave him a thumbs up.
4. Even though there is healing to wait for, I am so relieved this is over that my spirits are instantly lifted. I was honestly dreading this day and now it's passed.


  1. I hope that puts an end to your pain! Good luck.

  2. Relief is such a wonderful word and I'm glad it applies to you.

    A woman patted my tummy once and asked if this was my first baby. :) I was wearing a loose dress and standing in such a way that it did make my belly stick out a little (it was at a graveside service on a hillside.) She was mortified, but I forgave her. But forever after - I never ask anyone if they are pregnant. :) So good job.