Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hard to Ignore, Sweets, Temptation

I can't take a clear photo today.
 1. Tess came downstairs unusually grumpy this morning. I wished her a Happy Valentine's Day and she said, "Or, Happy Singles Awareness Day."
2. I love to see the girls' reaction to the plate of cookies on the table. I bake iced sugar cookies only on special occasions.
3. I'm not allowed any hot beverages or foods, but I make an exception for my morning cup of coffee. Forbidden things taste even better. (I just realized the weight that last sentence carries.)


  1. Nice way to start the day and sure to erase the grumps (hopefully).

  2. Those cookies are beautiful!

  3. How long before hot bevies are allowed?

    1. It was just the first 48 hours. I've got warm, moist heat on my cheek now and it feels very soothing : )