Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bedside Beauty, Picked It Up On the Way, The Children

1. Fourteen months later, the orchid has bloomed again. Our neighbors gave it to us on Christmas, 2012 and I have watered and waited patiently for this day. The blooms are a delicate, buttery yellow and so pretty.
2. Dinner is in the bag. Literally. Subway. I have provided.
3. I'm awake at 4 am. so I text Chelsea to see if they're back. They were due in around this time. She texts back and says, "Yes, I'm doing laundry!" She's my flesh and blood all right. : )
4. I read about the grandchildren on a blog Claire keeps for the family. Mari's stories endear her to me and I long to scoop her up in my arms and hold her close.

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  1. My sister says she never thought she could love anyone so much, when she talks about her grandson (Monroe.) I can see you feel the same about your grandchildren.