Thursday, February 28, 2013

Are You Free?, In and Out, Didn't You Get the Memo?

1. I was in Roanoke for an appointment, so I decided to phone Chelsea afterward and see if she was home. She was, so we met for lunch, just the two of us.
2. So much driving around, I covered 150 miles today on mundane errands! But it made me appreciate my final entrance into the house this evening when I could finally retire the car keys for the night.
3. All the cows are gathered in the southwest corner of three cow fields that I pass. It just seems rather odd, as though they all got a memo telling them to go there and wait.


  1. Hmmm ... I wonder what they are waiting for??? You got me thinking . . .

  2. I like your list of beautiful things, such a wonderful way to cultivate more gratitude in life. The last one reminds me of a beginning to a story... hm :)

  3. As if the cows were waiting for the mother ship... :)