Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Whooooo, Driving Companion, Miss Me?

1. The wind eerily moans at the window sash. The furnace damper bangs open and shut. Wind gusts  howl through the woods and slam into the back of the house. My cozy home sounds like a set for a Stephen King movie. I do not like scary movies, but these sound effects are pretty cool.

"Give me what I want and I will go away." Stephen King, Storm of the Century

2. Neighbor W.'s rain gauge caught over 2.5 inches of rain yesterday. Most of it fell between 5 and 9 PM., just when I happened to be out driving. My windshield wipers were going full speed and large sprays of water rose up from my wheel wells. But I fretted not. The soothing voice of Dave Davies on NPR's Fresh Air spoke matter-of-factly inside the dark cabin of my car as he interviewed William H. Macy. I imagined a perfectly normal world going about its business somewhere.
3. Home! I walk in and Steve says, "I was just going to call you."


  1. I used to like the sound effect of storms, but nowadays I'm scared of them. Too many natural disasters lately. I don't live far from the Hurricane Sandy devastation.

  2. I love that Fresh Air program, too. :)