Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Run With Me!, At Least I Know It's Cleaned, It's a Man's Prerogative to Change His Mind

1. Nature throws down the challenge. "I dare you to keep up with me!", she says. She glazes our path with ice one day then sends us running out the door, rejoicing at hints of spring, the next. I accept the challenge.
2. I won't call it spring cleaning, but I cleaned things I don't usually clean every week.
3. I've been carefully planning my battle strategy. How to sell Steve on the idea of paneling the porch ceiling after he's already nixed the idea on the first approach. For days, even weeks, I weigh my options, strategically arm my weaponry, draw up an agreeable plan. Before I'm able to execute it, he walks into the room and says he and friend J. have talked about it and J.'s ordering the wood to be cut. I'm confused. Have I won or lost?

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