Monday, January 28, 2013

Catching Up, Welcome, Nanook and the Fur Trader

1. The one hour I waited in the parked car was well spent on some important reading.
2. The air is friendly and warm this evening. I walk Henri with no jacket.
3. Like most people, lyrics often pop into my head with word triggers. Tonight, I absentmindedly started washing dishes without my glasses on when I realized, "I can't see...." Except, instead of saying it, I sang it in my best Frank Zappa voice. Tess heard me and laughed, so we put the album on to hear the entire ballad. (My lines arrive at the 4:40 time mark.)


  1. So the tooth is out? That's funny about the song. :)

    1. Lynn- No, I still have the tooth! I'm waiting to finish the prescriptions (antibiotics and steroids) and then re-evaluate. I'll ask for an endodontist referral and get a second opinion before I have it pulled.

  2. I enjoyed getting caught up on your blog today. We were at the same place on Sunday- the Roanoke Civic Center! except I was there to hear the symphony. I did see the Virginia Tech hockey players arriving for their game, though. Thank you for your kind words on my blog.