Saturday, December 1, 2012

Where Charlie Brown Trees Grow, Preparations, A Beacon

Waiting for ornamentation.

1. I went into the woods in search of a little Charlie Brown Christmas tree. It was quiet and solitary and I could have extended my search forever just for the sake of walking in the woods. But I heard a small noise, probably a squirrel, which reminded me it is hunting season and I was endangering my life. I got the tree and skedaddled!
2. It was one of those, I-feel-good-when-I-clean days. I de-cluttered in general, organized the basement storage room (so I could get at the Christmas stuff) and scrubbed three bathrooms. All in preparation for hauling out more clutter. Makes sense to me!
3. It's comforting to see the neighbor's lights back on. They were away last week and it was so dark and abandoned-looking across the field there.


  1. That is a lovely little tree. Can't wait to see it decorated!

  2. Declutting always makes my day and then I look around for more stuff to get rid of. The Charlie Brown Tree will look lovely with some demos and will check back or perhaps you will leave it au natural? Hunting season is on in these parts too, but no woods near our home.

  3. Make sure you show us what it looks like decorated.