Monday, December 17, 2012

Reach Out and Touch It, Ups and Downs, In Liquid Form

1. Monday settles in with dense fog. By mid-afternoon it hasn't budged from the valleys and remains thick and unmoving. The word 'surreal' is overused, but I must use it to describe this fog and the eerie feeling that it is a living, breathing creature who sleeps in the deep places.
2. Back to reality after a festive weekend of visiting and celebrating with friends and family and all good things. Life is a balancing act.
3. 8 pm. and I'm still hustling around the house, getting laundry put away upstairs and catching up with the girls. While we talk, I keep hearing this sound that I can't seem to identify. I stop mid-sentence and ask, "What is that sound?" It's rain, they answer, looking at me like I'm nuts. I haven't heard the sound of heavy rain in so long, that I didn't recognize its sound on the roof. Nice!


  1. That's one thing we hear all too frequently over here in the UK. The sound of pouring rain. Merry Christmas to you and yours! xxoo

  2. That fog IS so surreal looking.