Thursday, December 6, 2012

Our Town, Greenfield, The Second Half of Today

Painting by Ed Bordett depicting Main Street in Fincastle
 1. Old-fashioned Christmas lights are strung across the streets, crisscrossing our entire little town. It's heart-warming to drive through this quiet little place after dark and let its peacefulness settle into my soul.

Photo circa1934 by Frances Benjamin Johnston. Structure dated at 1760

2. B. and I took the dogs to walk at Greenfield today. Greenfield was a plantation which, by 1783, spanned 2,100 acres.This log cabin structure is still standing, although it was altered sometime after 1934 with a cinder block addition on the far side. We walked around the old buildings and followed many, many trails. When we returned to the car, I was startled to see that we had been walking for 2 1/2 hours! (Henri slept all afternoon.)
3. I spent the afternoon baking (cheesecake and sugar cookies) and played my first Christmas CD of the season.
4. Steve is home! Travel weary and scruffy, but home!


  1. It sounds perfectly magical where you live.

  2. it's funny how time can just get away on us when we least expect it to