Thursday, December 27, 2012

Morning Has Broken, The Range, Evening Treat

1. Skyscapes after a storm are dramatic and stunningly beautiful. Thick, low, gray clouds break open here and there where the sunrise peeks through in shades of pink.
2. Mountains loom up in the distance, their tops frosted with a dusting of white sugar.
3. Fruitcake sliced so thin, light shines through the candied fruit like stained glass. A small sip of eggnog on the side.

8:30 PM. A mom phones me: " S. told me that B. told her that T. told him that there's a party at your house for New Year's?"
Me: "Umm, OK." (begins laughing uncontrollably)


  1. Maybe you can save some fruitcake for the party. :)

  2. We wish we could see mountains or even snow at this time of year, but alas all we had was a day full of rain on Wednesday, over 3 inches. I can only imagine what it would have been like IF it were a snowfall (sigh).