Saturday, December 15, 2012

It's Cool at the North Window, She's Shopping, Invited Out

1. I absentmindedly set things on the windowsill. Later, I saw how pretty the red and green were together. Until I chop them and use them, they will be my decoration.
 2. Sitting in a crowded parking lot, I see Tess' head in my rear view mirror, bobbing up and down between parked cars, looking this way and that, as she searches for ours.
3. Being invited to a dinner party at someone's home we've never been to before, nor that I know very well, is a mixture of anxiety and anticipation for me. Who will be there, what kind of foods will be served, will I have contributions to the conversation , etc. etc. Of course, any worry was for naught. Our hosts were perfect, their home beautiful and friendly, and the food was beyond excellent. It was nice to be out, doing something Christmasy.


  1. Your window display is lovely!

  2. Christmassy is always good. Tomatoes and evergreen do look good together!

  3. Tomatoes and rosemary are not only holidaybcolorful, but delicious as well. I picked a few more sprigs to keep in a small jar in the kitchen cause it smells so wonderful.