Saturday, December 22, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like..., Play Time, Newest Family Member

1. Snow flurries! It's windy, blustery and cold outside. The flurries are sparse, but the few that blow outside the lighted window are pretty. We all agree that now it feels like Christmas.
2. Audrey sits at one end of the table cutting snowflakes. Mari and I are on the other end making the dolls dance to Harry Connick Jr.'s Christmas CD. Mari has fits of laughter when the dolls do a somersault. A two-year-old's laughter is infectious.
3. He smiles in return to my smile and I am deeply in love again. I kiss his baby soft hair and the back of his tiny baby neck. Jonathan is six weeks old and it's the first I've seen him since he was born.


  1. What the holidays are all about! Beautiful.

  2. Lots of snow where we are headed this Christmas, so we are thinking winter tires instead and we are so looking forward to laughter and kisses with the grandbabies
    Merry Christmas Leonora~ All the very best to you and yours.It's wonderful to have gotten to know you this year...looking forward to more.

  3. Lovely that they came for Christmas - isn't it wonderful to have them with you?