Sunday, December 9, 2012

From Six to Two, My Style Minus 30 years, For You

1. How does it come to pass that only two of us decorate the tree? Tess set up her ipod and speakers with Christmas music and together we made the tree shine.
2. I can't wear any of the styles in these particular stores, they are all suited for teens. But, I love to see the fabrics and designs and imagine what outfits I would combine if I could. One young man asks the dressing room attendant if the outfit he is considering looks OK. She gives a nod with words of encouragement. He then looks at me, where I sit and wait for my daughter, and I give him a thumbs up.
3. I always print off coupons before I go shopping. Sometimes I print extras to give out to other shoppers. Today I had some I wasn't using, 25% off, $15 off, and $10 off. I handed them to random people who were in line or preparing to purchase. I love to see people's faces light up like that.


  1. Agree with you, Lee, that I don't like any of the current styles which is probably why jeans are my favorite attire these days. years ago everything was dress-up in the corporate world, but not so much today. Random acts of kindness are always the most rewarding to both the recipient and the giver.

  2. My mother always hated decorating the tree alone after we all left home. She said my dad would come sit in the living room with her while she did it, but it wasn't the same as having daughters decorating with her. So we started a tradition for a few years, of decorating with her when we were all home for Thanksgiving.

  3. Love the random act of kindness! Very cool idea.