Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dinner for Six, Making It Work, Studying

1. The table sparkles with glass, silver and candles. The Wednesday night ladies are invited to dinner and they all deserve a treat!
The Menu
Fresh Green Beans
My favorite Riesling
Decaffeinated coffee and  Buche de Noel (of course!)
2. In decorating, I like the challenge of finding new ways to make old stuff 'work'. Rip it apart, cut it up, rearrange it or simply plop it in a different place, and it's new.
3. All communication had gone dark while she studied for finals. (I wasn't to speak to her or even ask her if she was hungry- it was too much for her to think about.) Now, her elation in successfully completing finals is shared via text messages. They contain exclamation points.


  1. Lucky ladies to have that wonderful dinner. Yum! I'm salivating.

    And I have done the same this year - on one of the tour of homes I spotted a antique silver bowl full of shiny ornaments, so I did that with mine and smile at it every time I pass it on the table.

  2. A wonderful mid-week treat was surely enjoyed by all. The dessert looks delicious...and why not as it's chocolate!