Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cool Down Papa Don't You Blow Your Top, A Mouse In the House

1. Rubber gloves:check. Chlorox: check. Apron:check. Music to eradicate germs with: check.
I didn't set out to clean kitchen cabinets today, but mouse evidence in the bread was cause for emergency action. I love the music I chose; a 1944 recording of The Bing Crosby Show. They sang this wonderful song that my mom and dad used to sing.

2. In 2003 I bought two beautiful Christmas tablecloths from a company that was going out of business. One of them was 107" long and I tucked it away in hopes of, one day, having a long table to use it on. This is the year! Today I ironed it in preparation for guests this holiday season.
3. "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" is a book we enjoyed when the children were young. What happens if you give a mouse, oh let's say... a scone? He keeps you company, scurrying about your room while you try to study for finals. Yes, Audrey had a full wastebasket in her room (finals week) and the little guy ran back and forth between it and the closet all evening while she studied, long after I emptied the basket. I just know there will be scone crumbs tucked among her clothing. Oh, life at my house today! The moral of the story: #1. Do not give a mouse a cookie...or a scone...or hamster food...or candy wrappers... #2. Life is more fun with a sprinkle of the unexpected tossed in.
PS. It's now morning and I wonder how she slept last night? ha, ha.


  1. Thanks, Lee, for this blast from the past and we know this song well...but it was fun to see it performed. We also had mouse issues with a couple field mice coming in through a floor vent near the kitchen stove. Sticky mouse traps worked for us.

  2. Our receptionist showed we where mice are eating the glue off her billing envelopes. There are little teeth marks. I said I would never lick an envelope again. And then, "Where are they during the day?!??"