Saturday, December 8, 2012

Choosing the Tree, Breaking the Egg Routine, The Aftermath

Behind our house, the tree farm is to the left. Virginia Mountain Vineyard is center.

Funny little guy.

There were plenty of skinny trees, but we went with a more traditional shaped tree again.

1. Henri and I walked over to the tree farm and Steve met us there with the truck. The mild weather felt all wrong for a Christmas task, but the moment Steve cut our tree and the pine smell met our noses, there could be no mistaking the season.
2. Tonight's dinner of baked chicken with cut up Italian sausage, red peppers and sweet onions was very good. I think Tess was happy it wasn't eggs or soup again, as is the routine when Steve's away.
3. Sitting back with a second cup of coffee after the plumbing disaster is cleaned up. On an even more positive note, it happened when Steve was home.


  1. #1 every now and then it's nice to get a 'charlie brown tree', traditional is nice too. i'm sure yours looks gorgeous and smells divine.
    #3 yes, it's good to have the extra set of hands when disasters happen

  2. The weather is not winter-like here as well, but dreary and damp all day. This is our first year without a live tree, but the small artificial one given to us by new neighbors is brightly lit and decorated with ornaments from our collection and we light pine candles while watching holiday movies.

  3. What is with this weather? I have the air conditioning on here finally. It's felt muggy in here all day.

    I love a real tree - I'll bet your house smells lovely.

  4. What beautiful views, Leonora. I was hoping we'd have our tree by now, but we still haven't found one! I think Michael is going to have to pick one up on his own this week. :(

    It's cold, cold here now! But raining this evening, when--I wish--it would snow.