Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Little Bit of Christmas, In a Box, In a Bag, Overdue

1. The eggnog from Homestead Creamery is bottled in thick, glass bottles which, I'm sure, makes the eggnog taste better. I have a little glass with pretty cut edges on the bottom that I reserve just for my sip of eggnog. It an experience in its entirety.
2. Dragging the storage totes up from the basement, I experiment with how we might decorate Christmas this year. I will never be one of those who prepare for holidays months in advance. I live in the moment and can only do Christmas at Christmas. Cards, singing, shopping, baking, it's all just beginning to happen now. I envy those who have it all together way ahead, but my efforts at this have always been half-hearted.
3. The neighbors gave us a bag of fresh citrus from their Florida trip. The grapefruits are huge!
4. The piano tuner came today. Tess comes home, tries out all the keys and smiles.


  1. I love your eggnog experience. And I am with you on Christmas - I love to experience it in the moment.

  2. My husband loves their boiled custard. Apparently it takes just like his mom's.