Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thoughts From This Week Past

1. I traveled for this momentous occasion without a camera. (!) I sparingly used a borrowed computer  and shied away from TV and radio. Without these distractions, time slowed down briefly and I lost track of what day it was. It was all rather dreamlike, nothing at all like my usual days.
2. Day one: I wasn't accustomed to toddler talk and her mom interpreted some for me. Day two: I understood her and began to use some of her terminology. Day three: I became fluent in toddler talk and was puzzled as to how I didn't understand it previously. Day four: I interpreted for others.
3. Mari and Henri sit on the grass together, gazing in the same direction. She puts her arm companionably over his back.
4. She was my friend before her son married my daughter. When she arrived at our children's house for the new baby's birth, we had an evening to ourselves, babysitting Mari, our shared granddaughter. After Mari went to bed, we each poured a nightcap and caught up on the year since we last saw each other. When I had to leave the next day, it was reassuring to know my daughter was in good hands.
5. She says her "No's" in a sing-song way which make it impossible to be annoyed that the toddler is saying 'no' to me. "Mari, shall we go in now?" "♫ ♪ Nooo thaaannk yoou ♪ ♫"
6. Baby hair, baby mouth, baby hands, baby feet, baby ears, baby smile, baby knees, baby neck... precious, adorable boy.


  1. Sharing time with youngsters and those we have not seen in awhile is always good. Your visit seems to have been a wonderful one on so many levels.

  2. What a beautiful visit! And what a lovely story :-) . Thanks for sharing!

  3. your second thought, your understanding and then your interpretation for others of sweet baby words, is marvelous, leonora. the more time we spend listening, the more we glean.

    oh, and share grandchildren with a good friend! how wonderful is that. you are blessed. years ago, my friend and i used to say it would be great if there still were arranged marriages. her girl and my boy would have been perfect. but of course life doesn't work out that way......we still laugh about it.

  4. Those do sound like precious days.