Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I Am SO In Love Again, Home Time, One Woman's Trash...

1. Claire's friend at Poetic Lens took some beautiful photos of Jonathan at five days old. I love what photographers do with baby photos these days. May his countenance forever be this sweet and content.

2. An entire day to stay at home and catch up! Sort of. I didn't get to everything, but I did simmer down half the bag of those apples and canned them. It was very satisfying to have that done.
2b. I walked Henri, which was good for both of us. It's so freeing to just walk and think.
3. B. is renovating and is casting off the exact wrought iron chandelier that I was saving to buy for our kitchen! She dropped it off today and I am doing a happy dance.


  1. He doesn't look like a newborn. What a beautiful boy!

    And how exciting about the chandelier - I hope you'll post a pic when it is installed.

  2. Wonderful photos posted by a very proud and happy grandmother.

  3. a beautiful boy. congrats again, leonora.