Monday, November 19, 2012

Funny Boy, My Pie Spilleth Over, Does Withdrawal Come With This?

1. He's hiding.

2. Apple pie filling has spilled over, into the oven and it smells good. My dad used to put an apple core or orange rind on top of the wood stove in our basement when he had a fire burning. They gave off a sweet, woody aroma.
3. Gluten free pros: One week down, five to go. I don't notice any difference except that I'm eating less because-
Cons: THERE'S NOTHING GLUTEN FREE TO EAT IN MY HOUSE, ARGHH!! What happens when you're lactose intolerant and gluten free? All you think about is pizza.


  1. The only problem with pie spills in the oven is trying to clean them up afterwards.

  2. Oh my - that sounds like no fun - eating that way. Is it making you feel better?