Thursday, October 11, 2012

What's This?, First Sale, For You

1. Seniorita-the-Horse had a bird sitting on her back this morning. I interrupted their tête-à-tête and felt somewhat embarrassed when they both looked at me and the bird flew away.
2. Daughter #4 has sold one of her photographs.Of course, it has made her very happy to make money doing something she loves.
3. I have the pleasure of buying gifts for people today. Daughter #4 is turning 16, Daughter #1 is having a baby, and there's an 8-year-old boy who gets a goody bag for helping out with something. I enjoy shopping for others, thinking of that person as I browse and imagining what might make them happy. I don't normally shop for little boys, so that gift was a fun challenge. Fresh Market has wax lips. Now, whose bag should those go in?


  1. my youngest paints and does photography but she mostly gives her work away—to her father, her sister and me (because we beg her)! she painted three small whimsical dog pieces in bright colors for her new nephew's nursery which was nice.

    speaking of new babies, can't wait to hear about the new arrival in your family, leonora.

    i think it is so much more fun to buy for other people. my car is loaded with baby things and i'm off to vermont.....

  2. Shopping for others is fun for me because, like you said, of the curiosity that goes with trying to figure out what someone else might really enjoy.

    How exciting to sell your own work!

  3. Wax lips! I haven't seen those in years.

    Love the bird on the horse's back. :)