Monday, October 29, 2012

Vulnerable and Secure One, Two, Three

1. Henri can be quite adorable. He will hide his face in my armpit if he's afraid of someone, particularly the Vet. Today, the Vet.'s assistant was holding him and he buried his face into her armpit. His shared affections warmed some hearts and made people smile today.
2. It was plain nasty out there today. A miserable day to be out and about, but nothing was cancelled so off we went. At 6:00 we finally tumbled, wind-blown and damp, into the house. What a welcome feeling the heat and lights were to us.
3. We check in with one another, family and friends, to see how everyone fares in the storm. We live in a vulnerable area for power outages, so I don't offer anyone shelter here, but others offer shelter to us if we need it. The wind has ramped it up to howling proportions and it slams into our house as it races down the mountains. It will be a long night, but I am made secure by everyone's calls and texts.


  1. The storm has passed by us on the VA eastern shore, Lee. We were very fortunate here in our home. We hope all will,be well with you and yours.

  2. Leonora- I was thinking of you yesterday as the snow storms headed toward West Virginia. We lost power for a long while and I was unable to get updates

    Hope all is well and the family safe.

  3. Hope you and yours are safe and warm~

  4. Hope all is well and it wasn't awful like that June storm. I am away and will catch up with everyone soon. Henri is adorable!

  5. So glad you all are safe. I thought about you.

    Henri is adorable and so cute that he recognized the safety of a woman's armpit. :) My cat Sophie used to turn around in her carrier, "if I can't see you then you can't see me."

  6. I hope you kept your power. We were very lucky in this area. It could have been much worse.