Friday, October 19, 2012

Score!, Freshened Up, Par Avon

(Shh. I hope Daughter #3 doesn't see this post. It explains why I was ten minutes late for my appointment with her this morning.)
1. While driving down Route 220 at 8:30 AM. I spot a sign that says, "Estate Sale". I normally pass these up, especially if I'm in a hurry, but this one pointed into an upscale neighborhood. I made a quick u-turn, giddy with the prospect of finding something great; my heart skipped a beat. (Literally, but I think it's menopause). Everything was disappointingly overpriced, but I did find two books and these coasters. I call these my "grandmother coasters" because Steve's grandmothers had these in their homes. Cost: 40¢ each.

 2. I unstitched the slipcovers from the rocking chair pads, removed them and laundered them back to a crisp white. Is it possible that such a simple thing gives me pleasure? Yes. In a big way.
3. Retrieving the mail, I see there is a letter from her pen friend in Australia. Everything about it is unique and foreign, from the envelope to the picturesque stamps to the handwriting. I like carrying good mail up the drive for someone. There's a good feeling in being the bearer of good news, as though we somehow have some part in it.


  1. I can't resist estate sales in nice neighborhoods either. Although you never know where the "good" stuff is. Nice coasters!

  2. I went to an estate sale in my neighborhood once and the lady of the house was present! I suddenly felt so awkward, but she gently talked about how it was time to move in with her sister and they were having an adventure moving into a high rise apartment building for seniors. I purchased her two wooden bowls that she always kept nuts in. Your coasters are dandy!

    I suddenly saw the journey that letter made, with you carrying it on its final leg.

  3. My pen friend lives in England; we email but I love getting postcards and cards from her.