Saturday, October 27, 2012

Open Studios, Is It Time Yet?, Changes

1. Armed with a map, Daughter #4 and I crisscrossed the county and visited ten artist's studios during this weekend's Open Studios event. It was an exciting, inspirational day! The artists gave personal tours of their studios, chatted about their art and took a keen interest in each and every visitor. It was a beautiful autumn day, soft and gray with fallen leaves everywhere. Many of the artists live in the countryside with a few located right in town, so we had a very pretty drive. Their studios are large, lofty spaces, with huge windows and beautiful vistas unfolding beyond. Daughter commented on how she loved the smell of the studios and we both enjoyed seeing hundreds of paintbrushes, tubes of paint and artwork lying about. All had walls lined with pieces for sale at surprisingly affordable prices. Well, maybe not for me the hand carved grandfather clock at $25,000. But I'm sure it was worth every penny. You will understand why if you visit HERE. We can't wait until next year with hopes to do this again.
2. Each time my cell phone rings I think it may be Daughter #1 to say she's in labor. No calls today! But I did tell her to preface her call with, "No, I'm not in labor." when she does call so I'll know right away if it's the call or not.
3. We put new drapes up in our kitchen/great room. It transforms everything to an entirely new room.


  1. That must be tough, waiting! I am glad you were able to visit Open Studios; I took the tour last year and it was fantastic.

  2. The VA Eastern Shore also has an Open Studios Tour and it's held on Thanksgiving weekend presumably because there are more folks around then. Also, many use this chance to buy holiday gifts, especially out of town visitors. We know you will keep us posted on the new family member. Simple changes can really alter a room.

  3. Wow, I loved look at that furniture maker's craftmanship! How unsual! I am sure it was a fab day. Would love to do a tour like that. HOpe your call comes soon, and that you are all staying safe in the storm! xxoo

  4. I love tours like that - so much fun.

    And I can imagine the wait and how hard that is. My sister is 2.5 hours from her #1 daughter and was waiting like that for her first grandchild to be born. Abby's water broke at 1am and sister and BIL were in the car on the way at 1:17am. :) They made it in time. Monroe is 2 months old and I haven't gotten to see him person yet.