Monday, October 1, 2012

On the Road and Back Again

1. I hadn't thought about the autumn colors when we left Virginia behind. So, I was surprised by the beauty as we drove across central New York state. The rain deepened the colors and mist on the hills made it more beautiful.
2. Steve travels with me and the ten hour drive is much easier.
3. A perfectly matched pair of black horses cantor along a side road with their necks stretched out long and their manes flying as they effortlessly pull a black buggy.
4. I enjoy nature's color palette of purple Asters intermingled with Goldenrod in every field.
5. We rolled down the windows at the toll booth and I breathed in deeply. "The air smells good!", I said. "Pine trees!", we said in unison.

6. I see this stone house every time we drive across New York and I always admire it. The field in the foreground has become boggy, perhaps from a nearby beaver dam. It was an inviting homestead once upon a time. To the left are Birch trees! I've missed seeing the white bark of the Birch. A path is cleared between those birches, climbing a hill into the woods.
7. Tight, lingering hugs and lots of kisses on the cheek with my mom when I arrive and as I depart.
8. There is always laughter around the table with my mom and sister. Belly-holding, eye-watering laughter.


  1. Beautiful, beautiful trees. And I love that house peaking out.

    How lovely that you got to see your family - we always laugh like that, too.

  2. Beautiful photos and sentiments to match. I am glad you had a nice visit.

  3. We've had several family get togethers in recent months and it's always good. Beautiful colors along your route have me eager to be on our road trip soon.

  4. lovely images, leonora. that stone house....what a place for the imagination to run wild. i wonder, is this in the middle of nowhere, because if it is that's even better.

  5. Yes birch trees. Simply magical aren't they?