Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Kind of Math, Taking a Break, Cornbread Dressing,

1. I finally have my gardening day! I'm eager to get my hands in the dirt and fix up a few things. Perennials multiply and divide themselves, so this is one of those, "something for nothing" deals. B. gave me some of her Ajuga, Chocolate Chip plants last spring and they have spread already. I divided them up under two shade trees and I love how they look there.
2. I began with a light jacket, but quickly shed that after half an hour. Even in short sleeves, I still needed a little break after a time. I was already in the shade, so I flopped back, stretched out my legs, and took a break right there on the grass. It was peaceful and quiet except for a few crows off in the distance.
 3. Another "something for practically nothing": Leftover corn muffins are turned into Old Fashioned Cornbread Dressing. (This blog has the recipe that I used, except that I halved it to serve 4.)
4. Two Motrin in the evening. Motrin is my drug of choice for aches and pains. The gardening was SO worth it.

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