Saturday, October 20, 2012

Landscaping Project Phase 2

A little after sunrise, waiting for delivery of our trees.

W.'s delivery truck in the shadow of the church.

Moving trees around the property.

A lovely, old tractor.
1. The heaviest workload of a nine month project is completed today! Using an all volunteer work force and entirely donated funds, we have planted a total of 190 trees, shrubs and plants. It was a lot of work. But the good will of the people, their generous spirit,  and the fact that we labored together made the load much lighter.
1.a. How many ladies does it take to plant a tree?  We made it three... and a good team we were. I  still picture J. (married 50 years) with the hoodie drawn tight around her face to keep warm. She laughed the entire time we shoveled, hefted, huffed and puffed.
2. An observation: Little children get very excited about planting things.
3. Steve's call from New York was perfectly timed to my respite on the hill. I was sitting on the grass, waiting for Mr. R. and Mr. K. to fill the water tank when he called to check in. His project up there was also going well and we shared our good reports.


  1. Bonjour Leonora!
    C`est très bien de planter les arbre et c`est très intéressant que vous avait racontée!! En Frence existe une système comme si vous faites un cahier (la compagneie que fais les cahier ici) ils doivent planter un autre pour ne pas réduire le nombre des arbres sur la planète!!!!
    Et encore super fotos! :O) Et aussi bonne chance a votre fille pour apprendre le français!! :O)
    Bonne semaine!
    xxx Maria xxx

  2. It must be lovely to walk out of church and see that view. Well done on the planting!

  3. Wow! It is amazing that it only took nine months to complete this big project, considering the fact that the workforce only consisted of volunteers. I’m actually excited to see how it would look when all the trees and flowers are in full bloom. I bet it would look beautiful. And I agree with you, it is always good to have someone to help you out because it makes the work lighter, and at the same time, more enjoyable.

    @Katy Eagles