Sunday, October 21, 2012

Battle of the Studios, Just Add Water, Nice Stuff!

1. These two lovely and talented piano teachers give a concert each year for their students. To make it more fun, they have a contest to see which teacher will have the highest percentage of their students attend. Can you tell who won bragging rights this year? The sound of two grand pianos at the hands of these ladies was amazing. Sara keeps a blog over here: Pajama Pedagogue.
2. A variety of circumstances caused Daughter #4 and I to be alone on the weekend of her actual birthday. We made plans to have lunch out to mark the day as special. At the last hour, two additional daughters and their boyfriend and husband were able to join us. It was an instant party!
3. We visited Main Street Primitives while we were in town. When we first walked in, we  noticed the wonderful candle scents and immediately wanted to stay. I liked just about everything in the shop.


  1. I love the smell of spicy candles when I go into a shop. It instantly draws me in and makes me want to stay. I can imagine how wonderful that concert would be and aren't they just the two most fun looking ladies?? Look at the matching blouses. How wonderful! And . . . impromptu parties are the best kind! xxoo

  2. Love that grin on the winner. :)

    I'm glad your 4th daughter had a party after all.

  3. Catching up w/you again, Leonora. What a fun night at the recital. Like seeing a faculty play--such a great idea for all!

    I loved your post about your daughter's horse obsession. Very funny. Mine seems to always ask for the same thing, too. Though her lists consists of more than just one category of toys/gadgets. I wonder if yours has kept a journal of her collection (when received, names of horses, etc...) So sweet! ;)