Monday, September 3, 2012

Transformed, Imagining, Stop Being a Horse and Eat Your Peas

1. The house next door is a rental house, thus it has taken a beating and has been a bit neglected over the years. The newest tenants have turned it into a home, landscaping the yard and planting trees. Today they completed the foundation plantings. Where previously sat a lost and forlorn structure now sits a cozy cottage.
2. We completely empty our master bedroom and first floor spare room in preparation for the carpet cleaner. With our bedroom empty, it's easier to imagine the possibilities. I fetch the tape measure to see what we might be able to rearrange. I've decided I prefer the room empty.
3. I catch *someone* galloping around the empty room on all fours with the dog. Some things never change. : )


  1. How wonderful it is to know that such a transformation can be had simply by people who have a healthy respect for things, be it a rented house or otherwise. Kudos to them! I can't tell you the number times I have heard those three little words in my lifetime . . . eat your peas! xxoo

  2. How nice that the house has someone to love it again.